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The Management Study Program focuses on urban management and digital-based entrepreneurship. This program takes into account the needs of the industry, technological advancements, urban issues, and global environmental concerns. In response to industry demands, the field of management is directed towards the development of strategic managerial concepts, theories, and practices that encompass all management functions. Technology serves as a crucial instrument shaping the foundation of scholarly studies, presented to students in the form of urban management applicable in various business, non-business, and digital-based entrepreneurial organizations.

Conceptual, theoretical, and practical studies in management are integral parts of the scientific research conducted by faculty members and students targeting urban management and entrepreneurial issues. Global ecological concerns become a crucial focus in the development of urban management science, reflected in scientific studies addressing fundamental environmental issues such as sustainability, green marketing, and sustainable finance.


We have a distinctive color that other Management Study Programs don't have

The uniqueness of the Management Studies Program lies in its industry-oriented orientation, meaning that students are directed to become graduates capable of working in the industry and entrepreneurship. The entire curriculum structure prepares students to have competencies in managing business and entrepreneurship, involving aspects of human resources, marketing, and finance. This competence is evident in students' ability to make decisions and manage businesses and entrepreneurship based on knowledge and skills in utilizing modern technology.

Profile of Our Graduates

  • Possesses Professional Ethics based on Noble Values
  • Capable of applying management knowledge and professional ethical values
  • Has insights to apply concepts, theories, and principles of management to make decisions and solve problems in the field of sustainable urban management.
  • Capable of applying digital technology to management and entrepreneurship functions.

What to Learn

In the Management Study Program, students study all the subjects needed to be ready to enter the management profession:

  • Developing a Sense of Nationalism and Character (Jaya Values)

  • Conceptual, Theoretical, and Practical Studies in Management Science

  • In-depth Knowledge in the Fields of Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Finance Management

  • Studying Digital-Based Entrepreneurship

  • Managing the Development of Digital Technology for Organizational Progress

  • Making Decisions, Strategies, and Innovations

Future Career

Here are some career options and job prospects for Management graduates: 

  • First-Line Manager in Business Organizations.

  • Creative, Innovative, and Excellent Entrepreneur or Startup.

  • Professional Proficient in Management Concepts (HR, Marketing, Finance).

  • Research and Analysis in the Field of Management.

  • Civil Servant (ASN).

Alumni Stories

During my time as a student at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya, I have learned many things, gone through many valuable experiences, and gained extraordinary knowledge. I am very grateful to Pembangunan Jaya University for providing excellent facilities to support the abilities of its students. I hope that Universitas Pembangunan Jaya will be the best campus for its students with good facilities in the future.

Hilmy Mudzakir Lippo Grup

Exciting and Enjoyable

Nuriyati Diva Jewelry Jakarta

The teaching material is easy to understand. The lecturer's knowledge transfer is easy to understand. There are no difficult tasks if there is a willingness to do it. Nothing is difficult if you put your mind to it.

Suci Rahmasanti PT Time Excelindo

learned many things from studying at this campus. Good friends, very guiding lecturers, and of course unforgettable knowledge and experience. Message: I hope that even though I have graduated from this campus, the campus will still provide space for alumni to have a career and express their competencies at the university.

Tasya Fitri Azzahra PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk

Hopefully management study program can keep the good quality education and launch the magister program ASAP, it will be a great experience just like the S1 program.

Erwin Winarjo Sales Coordinator, Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

I am grateful that UPJ opened a Blended Learning class for Management Study Program, making it easier for me to be able to continue my education while working. A lot of knowledge and experience can be gained from lecturers during my study at the Management study program, UPJ. The lecturers of Management Study Program are good and support students to develop. The environment and facilities provided support me and other students to study. Hopefully, UPJ, especially the Management Study Program, can be even better in the future.

Clara Dewi Woro Laras Wening Admin Technical Support, PT Supranusa Sindata

While studying at UPJ, I applied the knowledge gained so that I could work according to my passion, there was no age and position limit to pursue knowledge.

Hazya Adira Organicbox & Content Creator

It is certainly one of the many great experiences I had. Studying at UPJ with friends from different backgrounds and having their own study goals, as well as all the lecturers who were patient enough with us.  However, everything that happened in UPJ - the giggles, the whimpers, the challenge of tasks from lectures accompanied us until we were done. For UPJ .. Highly appreciate the curriculum that you made! Ibu Bapak Dosen, may your passion for teaching continues to ignite the minds of many.

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